HEY PORTLAND CITY PLANNERS! Konichiwa, bitches! Who’s bright idea was it to authorize construction on every fucking major street in Eastside Portland, all at the same time??? Maybe the Westside is fucked too! I don’t know, cause it’s fucking impossible to drive anywhere. Were all the people with actual degrees in city planning fired during the budget cuts? I’m pretty sure it’s City Planning 101 that you space out construction projects to avoid what we have right now: a total clusterfuck. Thanks for making Portland feel like a trashy shithole! If I wanted to live in Cleveland, I would move there. Hey, I have an idea: Let’s shut down sections of MLK and Grand at the same time! Trying to take a different route? Wrong! Stark? Construction. Morrison Bridge? Construction. Broadway Bridge? 39th? Construction. That sweet little secret turn-off MLK onto Belmont? Hahaha, closed! No warning sign! Streets and bridges all over town have lanes closed during peak driving season. I don’t care what your politics are, that’s just fucking retarded!
Get your shit together, city planners. Summer is already making this town punchy enough with rain into late July.