To the Driver of the TriMet Lift vehicle #9712 on N. Greeley last night:

There are polite rules of the road. And then there's you. When two lanes merge to one, and both lines are equally long, the rest of the world gets by with a left lane, then right lane, then left lane merge. You know, taking turns.

You obviously missed the etiquette training at TriMet. For some reason, you felt compelled, in a publicly owned vehicle with identifying information all over it, to make sure that there was no way that you were going to allow me to take my turn to merge. You even made it a point to move me over so that I would be forced to stop or go into opposing traffic.

I'm sure you had your reasons. Like, transit should get priority over other vehicles because you're moving people and stuff. But, I bet you $10,000 of Mitt Romney's money that I had more people in my car then you had in your bus, although from what I saw through your driver's window, you definitely win on the gross vehicle weight measure.

Man, I hope the zero seconds you saved were helpful to you and your passenger (if you had one). After all, I turned right one block later into adidas, and you could have had that really good spot behind the Kia back. Merry Christmas - consider my rant to be my present to you.