You should care if he hurts himself because if he does the mom might sue you, and she would probably win.
i kept reading after "the rocks are really old", but stopped after "the 80 years of deterioration". i'm not positive, but i highly suspect that rocks are more than 80 years old.
Oh, an awful parent. About 98.9% of Portland parents are awful, which is why so many folks are very vocal about FUCK YOUR STUPID UGLY KID.

If the kid was young enough, instead of yelling all you had to do was say "hey kid, Santa Claus isn't real nor is the tooth fairy or the easter bunny, they're all make believe". I saw it happen once in a checkout line at Fred Meyer and I've never seen a parent lose their shit like that.
I'm certain that since the kid was under his mother's watch, and since (I'm assuming) they were on the sidewalk when he went dilly-dallying about on the rocks, that anon couldn't really be held responsible if the kid hit a loose one and bit it. Rock walls aren't for walking on, clearly.
BB guns work wonders, plus there's no yelling needed.
Gardening in the nude is perfectly legal.
I believe that children don't think anyone else can see them except their parents. I've found that looking an obnoxious one running free in a restaurant right in the eye and saying "I can see you" makes them go away.
Next time make a video of the little prick, then sue his negligent fat assed mom in small claims court.
So Mr. Wilson really exists! Do you have the fat booze-nose?
Yeah, spray him with a hose and tell him he's adopted!

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