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This is the most poorly thought out IA ever. All those things that are fucking us all (government, bills, inflation, etc) are also fucking the proprietors of food carts and restaurants. Should they be making less of a profit so that you can enjoy cheaper food?

If you don't think you should have to pay that much for food (the prices you cited are not unreasonable) you should go to McDonalds where the price of a hamburger hasn't changed in 27 years. And I hear you can get a footlong sandwich for 5 bucks at Subway!!! Sounds right up your alley. Otherwise, yeah, the cost of food increases just as the cost of everything else does. Duh.
Time for this again: "The food was awful!" "Yes, and the portions were SO small!"
Please. Yea or get off your lazy ass and make your own food. If you forgot how to make a PB&J I can send you the recipe.
There are plenty of amazing restaurants of all price points in portland, stop following the hype, stop eating at food carts..problem solved.
Shut the fuck up with your first world problems... There are people who are actually fucking hungry in this world.
literally the grocery store.
@Carrie Duncan If we don't take care of first world problems first, we'll slip into second world status in no time!
You're not disappointed. You're just cheap.
What a load of garbage. Eating out is after all a luxury holmes. Check yourself. If you don't like the prices eat at home.

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