Anonymous May 13, 2015 at 9:39 am


Pathetic. Good thing you're "anonymous". ... Maybe try bringing up the subject with her with the aim of just getting a good laugh out of it! Don't take silly stuff so seriously.
You should stick with blow-up dolls and porn, real humans are clearly a step too far for you.
In 2 months: Dear I,A I hate all the women on OKCupid why can't I find anyone to love why
I,Anon Checklist

1. Write rant
2. Proofread for grammatical and spelling errors
3. Proofread content again for applicability/entertainment value
4. Edit rant accordingly

I think this I,Anon could've been saved with a little simple embellishment. Think heroin filled balloon popping out of her ass during said fart.
What B.S. Every couple of months there's a very descriptive dating/fart post. It's not funny.
Invite some professional chili eating contest dudes to sleep in bed with you for a few months to desensitize yourself. Then you should be able to sleep through any cutesy balloon fart, no prob
Admit the truth! You immediately dutch-ovened yourself and huffed ass until you got dizzy! Sick freak...
She farted, but you really shit the bed here.
Keep at it, champ! Someday you'll meet a girl whose balloon farts lift your spirit.
Fake! Ladies never fart.
12 are a loser. Do you have any freakin' idea how many of us long for stale broccoli farts in our beds? Share the love!!
Completely fake. No dude is ever going to care that his woman farts in her sleep, after just having had sex. People poop, pee and burp, too, IA. Grow the fuck up.
Totally acceptable response. Never fart on the first fuck. Wait until you're friends.
Suggesting that she consume more fiber is the solution, not calling it quits.

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