What's your issue black eye-glassed, blue-biked, bird-brained, bad-mouthed, felonious femme on two wheels? Were you secretly incubating a veliciraptor's egg inside your womb? Was your heart flash-frozen down to the size of a pea on the viciously cold day? Or are you an entitlement Portlandia type, a furiously happy whack-a-do who' rights are perpetually being trampled so you must feel compelled to demonstrate
an interminably annoying angst at every opportunity? Hmmm? Basically you looked so ridiculous to both us
and to some bystanders who were laughing uncontrollably on the sidewalk over your middle school antics. Did you derive a great deal of pleasure by insisting on hogging the entire road and hollering its the bike lane so it all belongs to me for a whole 2 and a half blocks and then hauling off and hitting my boyfriend through the window an kicking the car when he confronted you on your bullshit? You are lucky sweets, cuz if I had been in the driver seat I would have opened the car door and dented your blue bicycle and dented your pretty blue bicycle. Oh?! Yes, it would have been alright, you drew first blood. You give Portland weirdness a bad name bitch.