This city would be complete shit if it weren’t for the influx of out of towners. Rent is cheap in Aberdeen, WA or Prineville, OR. You know why?? There isn’t a fucking thing to do there and is schrup as fuck. Portland is a sweet as city and is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Being a bartender or artisan chocolatier for ten years making 25k/year does not give you any more ownership of this city than a newbie who can afford to buy the house you have been renting for $800/month. All of you Portland “natives” would do the exact same thing these property owners and developers are doing if you were given the chance. Yeah a food cart pod on 50th and Division is being demolished for development. You know why? BECAUSE IT’S A FUCKING FOOD CART POD!!! Its sole business model is to sell decent food for cheap without paying the real current rental rate for a proper restaurant space. Well you know what? That aint gonna cut it yo. The only reason you creative waffle chefs could afford the space in the first place is because the property owner couldn’t do anything else with the land. It was sitting there vacant. And now, you are out, somebody else is in. So all you artisan “entrepreneurs” quit your bitching and realize the secret is out and try to take advantage of all the new money coming to this city. I hear East Coast IPAs are a thing now. Maybe make some more ironic clever bullshit to sell to these new age crunchy yuppies.