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Donโ€™t Be the Trump of Portland


You're no TRUE Scotsman, transplant!
Welcome to Portland!!! I am not a true native but I've been here for 19 years. I do not love the changes Portland has gone through in the last 5 years or so but I recognize that it's a free country and people can do what the fuck they want. And that includes moving to this wonderful city. I'd also be interested to know what percentage of people that give newcomers such grief are actually natives themselves!
Well hell, you're spending money in bars and restaurants AND riding a bike....fuck me let's roll out the red carpet! Of course the missing piece in your little tizzy fit story is what you said or did leading up to that person calling you a piece of shit. Wake up asshole, it takes more than going to Timbers games to earn your stripes. Here's a clue: Try doing something more than just taking and start participating.
Dear transplant: As the above comments, particularly by zipitup indicate, you must first be struggled, in the Maoist sense, by zealous Portland comrades who wear their anarcho-credentials like a badge of honor as they berate Holocaust victims for being anti-Semitic before you are considered pure enough to live in a utopian paradise like the Rose City. We will shave your head, force you to listen to an incapable-of-tuning indie rock band no one actually likes but which receives endless praise for concisely addressing complex social issues within a three-chord framework, and shame you for giggling quietly as the Naked Bike Ride carries thousands of folks who are telling the clothes-minded off with their brave, ball-busting (literally) statement of nudist empowerment which they would never tolerate if similarly practiced by the three homeless guys outside your favorite coffee shop refusing to sit for your lies or stand for a beer. Now go and put a bird on it and practice your mantra: "Sustainability, empowerment, Voodoo Donuts"
Welcome! I am originally from Seattle, which went through its own snotty phase way back in the 70s. So did Austin, where I lived for a time in the 90s. As with all such cities, some Portlanders have an inflated sense of their own specialness or importance, but they're the exception, not the rule. Most are like my friends, family & me - working, taking care of the people in their lives, practicing some art form or avocation and trying to make their corner of the world a better place. They're good neighbors. I tend to think that the ones who aren't just don't have enough real stuff to do.
You actually said, "This is just like Portlandia!" didn't you.
I don't have much going on in my life, never traveled outside of Oregon and every attempt I made at moving (to California, Washington and Overseas) ended in disaster and I always found myself back in my hometown, basically a loser. Still, I have that all-too-human desire to look down at other people and claim superiority. What to do, what to do?
SO someone said something that hurt your feelings? And you're a grown adult who, assuming you'v'e done a modicum of homework understands what that there is a level of resentment here in Portland over skyrocketing rent, bad traffic, etc etc, and yet you're flabergasted that someone called you a name? These things happen in cities. Even Portland. Someone might even punch you. Or break into your car. Those things happen too. Even in your cute little Portland where people have been getting evicted to make room for wilint daisies lsuch as yourself.
Be a goddamned grownup and fucking deal with it.
I've been here almost 10 years and I'm still called a transplant.
Awww, sorry. Welcome to Portland! Just kidding, go fuck yourself, then go home.
You won't be a true Portlandian until you tell others to fuck off.

Now fuck off.
Well fuck, anyone whose family was here before it was a state has a right to call you a transplant, and the natives have every right to call us a transplant, the trick is not to whine about it. And you can help where you are born, by staying there (my wife moved here from the Midwest, love her dearly, but the rest of you can stay in the crap town you were born in).
Someone call the WAAAMbulance....
Well, chances are you're cooler than any of the twits making negative comments on here. So, if your being here displaces them, then welcome.
I wish I could afford to still live in PDX, my wife and I were evicted without cause so our landlord could raise rents unconditionally. Where did you move from, if you don't mind me asking (we are looking for affordable housing in an area friendly to artists)

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