I know some of the protest going on in Portland deserve your voice to be heard. Some of you must have been brought in from Estacada. I love it when we make the national news, because of protest that stay peaceful. Lots of people, old and young pulling together to make this a better town and country. It is not cool when you smash store windows, and put nice people in danger. Why can't you get it together? It would be so much more effective to have lots of people marching for change. Massive amounts of marchers that would make this town proud. You will not have this if you don't make your marches safer. There is no reason to scare off people that share your views because you want to see how far you can push the police. Real warriors beat drums before going in to battle. Most of you guys need to hop a bus to Standing Rock so you can see what real protest are like. After a couple of days there in 20 degree temperatures come back and tell everyone what you learned. I am embarrassed to be from here because you never change a thing. Peaceful protest work, lots of people turn out and your voice going into battle is heard all over the National news.