I'm on several dating sites/apps and I've noticed something that I'm genuinely curious about: Does a transgender person have the obligation (And don't get in a tizzy over my use of this word. Calm the fuck down.) tell you just that? That they're transgendered?

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against transgendered people, and although I am a bit selective, I've found many to be really physically attractive. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, some intrigued me to the point where I would definitely go on a date with them. Sadly, I've yet to match with any of them.

I'm just wondering that if, say, a transgender woman has the obligation to let a potential male date know that they have a penis? There's a small subset of the LGBTQ community who believes that if you have a preference in genitalia, that makes you somehow bigoted. I don't agree. Gay men like other gay men. Lesbians tend to like other lesbians. Straight women usually like straight men and vice versa. These are people's preferences and there's nothing wrong with them.

SO... to put it more clearly: Is a transgender woman obligated to tell a cis male that they have a penis? Or, is a transgender man obligated to tell a cis woman that they have a vagina?