Now that the weather's getting nicer, a lot of us are itching to get out, and get exercise—and, while we're at it-exercise man's best friend too-right? Great idea, except for those of you who attach your beloved pet to your bike. Terrible idea when you think of these concerns: 1st; Dogs are not meant to run for long distances.They're designed for short runs. Since you're confident you're helping them, you may not even consider you're actually being cruel to your pet. Consider it from your dog's point of view—he can't tell you you're exhausting him, as you drag him along. How would you like being forced to run alongside a bike?
2nd: Think how vulnerable your pet is: he could get tangled up and get a paw caught in your bikes spokes,for one. He could get startled and dart in front of a passing car, or in front of your bike. What do you think would happen to your darling pet if anything like that happened? Please, I know you love your dogs, but just get off your bikes and walk/run/skip/saunter—your dog will love you for better quality time, and he may live a better and longer life.