It's a cool notion to be "just chilling" or "just hanging out." Nothing to do, nowhere to be. You could do it anywhere, at the beach, the park, the street corner, the library, the grocery store, the stadium, the welfare line, etc. But, I tell you, all these losers I see everyday, with what I know is nothing but time to kill and time on their hands is astonishing and infuriating. There is no time to kill. If you have time to kill, you aren't using time wisely. People make fun of people that can't wait a few minutes for something. That is because that is a few minutes I could be doing something more enjoyable, productive, and gratifying than waiting. People do it for hours and hours each day. People do it just standing there on corners, staring at walls, staring at screens, smoking cigarettes, standing, waiting, hanging around. Well, lucky you. For me, if I'm not working, I sure as all fucking hell don't have the time to stand in lines for food, the new phones, the new movies. I have zero time to wait around 30 minutes for a bus to come. 30 minutes that could be spent doing something, while Care Free Kim and Tracy walk back and forth, watching life go by, smoking cigarettes in mesmerized thoughts on their phone until a babe walks or police car disrupts their deep thoughts. I sure as all fucking hell don't need to spend any time hanging at some library or going shopping when I have so much things to do at home that can occupy my time for the rest of my life. People wonder why they have unfinished lives?