Portland has a huge problem: the entire city is itself a portal to other worlds.

This year, I spent time downtown homeless, riding off the services available. I was drinking from the fountain of youth, eating food for free and sleeping on the sidewalk.

I meet a guy one day at Nightwatch who noticed me writing in my journal, and I asked him if he wanted to write something, he obliged.

"I am an alien from outer space," he wrote. I wish I still had the paper. I thought he was joking.

Big Pink, I have been told, functions as a parabolic mirror. That is to say, what is on the ground gets reflected into space, and vice versa. It's why the town is so fucked upโ€”there are all kinds of entities going in and out of it.

The city is like one huge organism, harvesting unsuspecting people that fall into it. There are bad spirits that roam the land. Why do you think tweakers look so possessed? It's like a methamphetamine hivemind.

Avoid downtown, avoid staying there alone. There is evil out there, disguised.