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You're a brave patriot, just type, type, typing away ... your hollow words ring ungrateful and full of unearned privilege. Since we both know typing isn't the answer, you should leave this country before your derangement manifests and is legally categorized as psychosis. You're the child that only remembers the bad times. I like the energy - so redirect it and go out and do something truly useful.


Sadly, at this point, the Democrats are just about as captured by business interests as the Republicans
Don't expect either party to care about anyone who can't contribute substantial amounts.


@OP - Don't let the idiots as exemplified by 1 & 2 get you down. History will examine closely what led America to put an incompetent asshole in charge during a global pandemic because the idiot in chief has exacerbated a global problem into a national crisis. History will look at the Southern Strategy that empowered men with small dicks to feel like "big men" and keep anyone not like them out of power. You are right.


@3: i think you have missed the point. the u.s. put an execrable clown in charge in substantial part because the democratic candidate, despite many attempts to canonize her, was at least as execrable. do you really believe that a candidate who gave speeches to goldman sachs at $250,000 a pop cares a fig about you?


@4 - whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night.


What’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Democrats care about the people they’re screwing over.


I sleep just fine kb as I contemplate the rapidly approaching collapse of this appalling empire of greed and hatred. Neither political party can avert the coming crash. Enjoy the show.


Does someone need a therapy pet?


The more I think about this post, this anonymous post, the more annoyed I become. So typical of a democrat. When you cannot support your position with facts you try to disparage with vague and general references. Many have died and continue to die as a result of this pandemic and that is a tragedy. As 'anonymous' parrots numbers from a recent model projecting the deaths that may occur, he/she makes a feeble attempt to lay the blame on certain individuals. Again, you'll notice that there are no supporting facts, just a rant. This person just cannot stand the fact that Trump is our president. Spare me. Hillary lost. She lost because rational people saw what Obama did to this country for eight years, they were fed up and elected Trump. The democrats had two terms to make a mess of things. Now the adults are here to clean it up. I've heard all the arguments for over three years. Yes there were times when Trump could've acted more presidential. I'm not fond of the name calling. People complain about the tweeting to this day but if you're going to circumvent the liberal media it's an excellent way to do it. One thing that is apparent is that the sore losers are incapable of showing support for the duly elected president of this country. The thing about democrats is if they can't run your lives and control every breath that you draw they're just not going to be a part of it at all. If Hillary had won (and I thank God every day that she didn't) we would all be expected to support our new president. I can just imagine their posture.'The election was held the results were announced and now it's time to congratulate and support our new president, Hillary.' Anyone who is honest about it also knows that if Hillary had won the democrats wouldn't have said 'boo' about the electoral college. Another thing I have seen is the violence on television, over and over again, perpetrated by those who dislike Trump and this administration. Typically you'll see some coward with a mask over his face assaulting someone with a Trump ball cap. Apparently it is acceptable these days to physically attack someone for having a viewpoint that differs from yours, all while you express the need for tolerance and diversity of thought. You democrats seem to have all the answers so go and vote for them. Vote for people like Nancy Pelosi, a congresswoman from California. The only state I know of with its own poop map. The state is falling apart by the day. She can't fix the dismal conditions in her own state but she wants to tell us all in the other 49 how to live in ours. More could be said but what would be the point? People responding to the tripe in this post are hopelessly polarized. One major difference is that typically the conservative will come armed with facts. When confronted with irrefutable facts all the democrat can do is call names and generally throw dung like a chimp. Admittedly there is evil on both sides of the isle but not like I've seen here.


Conservativeandstupid: "The adults are here to clean it up"? What has trumpshit done to clean anything up? Adults? What adults?


@9 okay trolly troll!!! grownups, LOL. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2020/04/04/coronavirus-government-dysfunction/?arc404=true


@9 sooooooo many "grownups"


@9 who are these grownups you speak of?

The nation is now reaping the consequences of the Trump regime’s massive inaction and ignorance in the face of actual warnings, mechanisms, and planning initiatives.



@9 not a grownup to be found, not one...



@9 ooooooooof the cough "grownups"


@9 i don't think the word grownup thinks what you think it means...

The stupidity and lack of regard of human life on display in Republican-run states is beyond criminal and inhumane. In fact, there are no words to describe this.



@9 none of these old men are grownups, not one

Jack Roberts says he is too old to be a rebel, but the 76-year-old Louisville area preacher continues to defy a state ban on mass gatherings to hold services at Maryville Baptist Church.



@9 Nope, not a grownup to be found!

Trump is playing president on television instead of doing the job.


'trolly troll'
More name calling. More dung throwing. Although they were conspicuously slanted at least you offered articles in an effort to support your position Christina. In following all the links and reading the articles I see that there's still no culpability among the democrats in all of this. One thing I have seen in the news, at least in the liberal arena, is that Pelosi draws no criticism for her remarks in late February, AFTER the president's travel ban, telling people, "Come to Chinatown, here we are — we're, again, careful, safe — and come join us.” Now there's some superior leadership and foresight, somewhat reminiscent of DeBlasio and his folly in public. Nor will Nancy be demonized for all of the shameful garbage that she and her socialist cronies attempted to attach to the stimulus package. 'Hmmm, let's see, we'll never get these things legitimately, so let's hold the bill hostage to see what we can get.' Money for the Kennedy Center? Really? There's a priority. Then of course she dragged her feet on the vote, all while people were suffering and dying, but it's all Trump's fault. Let's disregard the fact that he admitted that no one could have estimated the magnitude of this event. Many would argue that this is only opinion, but if the democrats weren't always trying to throw open the borders we could have maintained better control on how and when people entered this country, further blunting the curve.
I could find just as many articles to refute the articles you provided Christina, but I genuinely appreciate the effort. I would welcome debate over vitriol any day. While Berny5 spent his energy and did his best to come up with a clever spin on Conservativeandproud, you at least brought something to the table. To you I tip my hat, to Berny5 I offer more koolaid.


And Stupid: Let's see, border control? Because of the democrats, "we could have maintained better control on how and when people entered this country." On January 31, Trump "suspended" travel from China and two days later told buttboy Hannity, “Well, we pretty much shut it down coming in from China." However, he only prevented foreign nationals from flying in. Since January 31, over 400,000 people have flown into the US from China. Way to go, I'm sure that really helped prevent any pathogens from coming into the country.

Socialism? At one point there were 43 million face masks inside this country while hospitals were freaking out over shortages. Globalization and capitalism made sure that hospitals and states had to compete with overseas entities to buy the now unbelievably overpriced items. Most of those masks were exported. Same story applies to ventilators.

I pretty much hate Nancy Pelosi too, for different reasons. But just because the democrats are a pile of shit doesn't mean that the republican party isn't a much, much bigger pile of shit with a twitter-obsessed adolescent sitting on top of the pile.

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