A certain large ticketing company won't refund tickets for postponed events/concerts/sporting events because their greed knows no bounds. Even during a pandemic, they're going to withhold people's money that people could use for essentials like, ya know, rent, groceries, school, childcare, mortgages, any other bills, etc. etc. People can see through this shady a$$ policy change: back before COVID-19 was ravaging America, the ticketing company's own website said that they WOULD refund tickets for postponed events; now their site says that only tickets for CANCELLED events will be refunded. Conveniently, the most popular reunion tour in recent rock music history was postponed instead of canceled, so no refunds allowed. How convenient for this ticketing company. Beware, everyone, of all the greedy companies out there who will try to take advantage of this pandemic. (Rant over.)