Some of the more frisky protesters may have forgotten this fun fact--the police get paid to be out there on the streets. In most cases, they are being paid overtime to knock heads and spray gas--a LOT of overtime. This will be the most financially lucrative year for PPB officers EVER. One PPB officer I know just bought a new top-line waterski boat with this OT money. Most officers don't live in Portland, or even Multnomah County. So, ask yourself his next time you want to spray your graffitti or set a fire--is my action moving social justice forward, or am I just doubling the pay of PPB patrol officers?


OP you're clearly frustrated and good on you for getting it off your chest. The truth is a little more complicated however. There are bad cops and there is systemic racism. Most cops see themselves as serving the public and they know that most protesters are peaceful. However they have very little patience for the 40 or so young white guys who have hijacked #BLM for their own agenda. If you break into the County building, douse it with lighter fluid, and try to burn the place down guess what? Those cops are going to be gunning for you. I get it. I was young and dumb once too. But I hope we can get past these hijackers so that collectively we can put racial justice back into the spotlight where it belongs.


"Cops are a gang". What a juvenile, irresponsible, and asinine assertion. I am 100 % with the Police officers in direct opposition to the rioting, lawless, criminals destroying downtown Portland for political gain of a lawless political party.


RIOTING GOONS DON'T NEED SYMPATHY either. If we don't get our way, we're gonna RIOT !!!! It's not about George Floyd, it's about the street thugs rioting for the political gain of a 100 percent corrupt Democrat party. Period, no one is fooled by the facade of BLM.


What cops have committed rape? What cops have legitimately tortured people, what cops have brutalized people besides the much deserving rioters in these protests seriously for the accusations you allege Portland police have committed prove it. If you can't cite cops by name who have committed the atrocities you claimed they did then you're nothing more than a liar. For someone as wisend as yourself you would think you'd know better than to make empty accusations disgusting. You wanna know what's brutal dumping paint on elderly women, running up from behind someone and kicking them in the head robbing them and leaving them to die as far as I am concerned there should be a bullet with every violent law breaking rioters name on it. They're fucking scum, not even worth the garbage food and shelter of a fucking jail... A slim in the middle East is too good for these low life's.

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