To two men in particular, I cannot believe what utter pieces of shit you are. Sadly because I’m the best friend of the wife, of some guy you claim as your best “bro”, I have no way to contact you. Your supposed best friend, has an extremely rare lymphoma. He discovered it last year and the past 3 months it finally decided to rear its heartless head, and he spent a week in the hospital because it is stage 4. Seeing pictures of his body, it looks like he’s had the living shit beat out of him. 80% of his body is covered in this lymphoma. Stage 4 isn’t pretty. He’s spent days in such pain, he’s talked about dying. Has he heard from either of you? No. Yeah I know, cancer isn’t as fun for one of you, who would rather be at swap meets purchasing smelly vinyl to play at stupid trivia nights at bars all over town. Or for the other asshole who thinks he’s as funny as the guys on MST for a stupid YouTube page. Your friend is sick and you haven’t even taken the time to make a fucking phone call to see how he is. Thanks to Covid, it’s not like you assholes are really doing anything with your lives right now, but you’re pieces of shit for not even taking five minutes to ask your Stage 4 buddy (who is sick from the chemo too) “How are you, how can I be of help? I care.” I can say this. God forbid he dies and if you have the gall to show up to any services honoring him? Count on me shaming the fuck out of you selfish pricks. Seriously, fuck BOTH of you!