I, Anonymous Jan 9, 2022 at 3:03 pm



It's been made rather clear that covid is the problem of the little people, don't you think?
Efforts to confine, reduce, mitigate, or otherwise impede the spread of this are all fine and good, until they mess with my profit.
"Virtual Teaching" is okay for a little while, but when it interferes with my two o'clock bottle of wine and afternoon fuck with the pool boy, then I don't give a shit if little Bobby's teacher gets infected. There are plenty of other teachers out there.

There is only one thing more worthy than fighting for the survival of our species, and that is the survival of my 401k.
Read my lips:
You and your family are expendable. I and my money are not.


Until, I start making and taking my own risks.
Just. You. Wait.
You’ve earned it. All


I can fix that.

I know how anxious you feel. I know how painful this process is for you. Be honest about needing to lean on people through this. You don't have to pretend this isn't hard. You don't have to pretend this is what you imagined it be. But everyone is helping us through this. And we are really all in this together. I know it doesn't always feel that way but we are really with you.

I promise, you may not always see it, but we are working hard to push things forward. We need to do a better job about making that visible and communicating how safe you are.

We are almost there. Just breathe. And push and breathe.

If you feel alone start writing letters. By hand. And then figure out who you were writing to.

We promise we will do better. We promise we will be more respectful and speak more reassuringly. I promise I will make sure we do that.

You need to understand that we are human too. Thank you for communicating your needs. We have been listening. We will show you how we can make the better.

You aren't done reaching out and people aren't done reaching out to you.

I drew a picture of something today. Can you guess what it was?


not to Mention
Capitalist Swine
refusing Africa etcetra
access to Vaxxes -- developed
on the US Taxpayer Dime right here.

and the Lust
for Money may
turn out to be an
Existential threat on
par with a big fucking
Meteor. oh & we saw it coming.

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