ah the Art of Ageism
the Capitalists LOVE
your work. Keep it up!


and WhatevertheFuck
you Do do do NOT blame
Rupert Uncle Snoopy Murdoch
and his henchmen over at FOX


[note: FOX's Tucker 'Tucks"
Carlson is now worth
around $420,000,-

not too Bad
for a 'news'

Concentrated Wealth
is KILLING this Planet.

better roll up
your Chinos
too bud.


Humanity began two million years ago.
Humanity is essentially the same as it ever was.
Humanity can't be saved.
Humanity isn't worth saving.

Your generation (whichever generation that is) isn't going to fix the world.
Your generation is going to die having failed like every other generation before it.


Aren't you adorable!


'Humanity isn't worth saving.'

human beings perhaps
but Not Humanity

it's all we Got.

we can Teach
the Cockroaches
if the Round-up don't get 'em 1st.


Yeah, Ive seen how hard the young people work. They might do something after the soy latte, 10am start, 3 day work week and mental health breaks. If mommy and daddy ever pulled the financial plug most of the 20 year olds would crap their pants.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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