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Sounds like a recent interaction with Portland 911 while in need of an ambulance. Fire Bureau had no trouble, AMR on the other hand?
We could hear AMR coming with their sirens. And we heard when they made a wrong turn. Could hear the communication between 911 and fire guys. The fire guys telling 911 dispatchers to "turn AMR around, they're going the wrong way." Dispatchers must have been AI "bots-r-us", because they couldn't conceive of AMR making a wrong turn.
Portland Fire advised that AMR should read house numbers.
A minute later we could hear that they'd turned around.
Fucking morons.


I was once in a paratransit bus that went around in a square, following the GPS, and when I asked the driver what they were doing, they said "following the GPS." I had to state that there was obviously something wrong and perhaps they should stop following the GPS. I had to give directions (note: paratransit drivers are never to take directions from customers, because often disabled customers, who don't drive and/or may have intellectual disabilities have no idea where they are going).

There is scientific data proving that GPS and smartphones have changed our brains. I remember when I could drive (before I became disabled) and all I had was a highway route, an exit number, maybe one or two landmarks, and an address. Made it where I was going every time. Now, as a passenger in car, with a GPS, a smart phone, printed directions, and having been where we're going before, there are still problems getting where we're going. I take a lot of medication to manage my physical illness (it's one of the reasons I can't drive anymore and haven't in 15 years), but I truly don't understand how it can be so difficult to get somewhere.


GPS is changing your brain (and it’s not good)
Creating more neural circuits through visual landmarking not only benefits your spatial orientation, it could keep Alzheimer's disease at bay.



Can you imagine the utter chaos that would engulf us following a collapse of the satellite network?
Those who can read maps and a compass would suddenly become valuable. Instead of being considered dinosaurs.


some peeps
some're sheeps
need a Strong Daddy
to tell 'em when to turn
and how hard when to stop
when to start when to shit and
when to fart never trusting themselves

they were Wrong once before
and paid a Heavy Price
never gonna make
That Mistake


sans Satellites
this world be-
come Leader-
less quite

tho the
emerald mine
scion owns nearly
ALL of 'em we Needn't

Overworry - we're 'in good hands'

afterall -- He's RICH af!


6 "God Damns". Really? You have the right to say it but I'm sorry no one took the time to teach you better. Some day you will meet your maker. I have no idea what that moment will be like but between now and then, let's hope you acquire the wisdom to think beyond yourself. The good news? You probably will. Best of luck.


when you finallly Do get to
Heaven you'll Discover
everyone Swears like
a sailor w/Tourettes
except for GAWD
Who Cusses like
a damn Expert

making all your profanity-free
Earthly Sufferings seem
nearly Needless.

it's an Art.


@6 aren't you cute, you believe in a magic sky fairy! Have you heard the good news?
When you die you're just dead and gone and that's all there is.
God damn, thank you for making me laugh out loud. Snort even. LOL.


au Contraire xina!

I'm coming Back as
either a robust Tomato or
a Corner slice of birthday Cake

just haven't quite
yet Ironed Out
all the Deets.


Oh! and have YOU
Heard the Good News?!

they're selling Eternal
Salvation* for only
$99.99/Mo. at
the local GOP


you Heard
it Right: you Can
Also buy Eternal Damnation!

get some for All
you Enemies
both Real &

it's Spendy*
but I'm Told:
Well Worth it!

& it's Guaranteed
for fucking ETERNITY!


speaking of
Space, Pirates &
World Domination:

Elon Musk
Acknowledges Withholding
Satellite Service to Thwart Ukrainian Attack

The Starlink satellite internet service, which is operated by Mr. Musk’s rocket company SpaceX, has been a digital lifeline for soldiers and civilians in Ukraine.


thy Tycoon Giveth
and thy fascist
Tyrant Taketh

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