in the
Battle twixt
Good and Evil

so far
beating Stakeholders
by about Fifty to One

our Formerly-supreme
kangaroo Ct.'s made
Certain those with
Means get all the
Proceeds mean
people 'need'
to pay off
like the

Excellent I, A.
keep it up.


About the time of Enron, Erik Sten, a forward thinking city commissioner floated the idea of taking the corrupt and struggling Portland General Electric away from its shareholders and putting it to work for us as a public utility. Along the same lines as Seattle City Light, the publicly owned electric utility in, you guessed it, Seattle.

A simple search will reveal the depth of PGE's callousness by way of a recording of a conversation between a PGE wanker and some clown with a California utility provider, also owned by Enron, wherein they laugh about the effect that their fraudulent paper transfer of power, back and forth between their respective utilities, would have on some poor elderly woman's next bill.

The search will also reveal how tenuous PGE's financial status was at the time. Commissioner Sten wanted to relieve them of the worry. Unfortunately, despite being nearly broke after the fall of Enron (lots of interesting reading there), PGE still had enough in the bank to target Sten in an unrelenting campaign of what PGE does best; lie-cheat-steal.

If one needs confirmation, let your search take you back to 1992 and PGE's effort to avoid a forced shutdown of Trojan, and the flood of unbelievable horseshit they spewed forth. Corporate 'merika at its maga best.

Sten was correct. It is time that services essential to us be identified as a human right. And no human right should be subject to the control of shareholders. No human right should be subject to the whim of "for profit" enterprise.

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