Not a single friend has passed the $100 test. A long time friend asked to borrow money, so I gave him $100 despite the fact I'm borderline broke and homeless, because he's a good friend. He needed help with his mortgage. On the day I was supposed to visit him across the Couv, he decided to fly across the country. He needed $100 for his mortgage, then flew across the country. Supposedly. He told me this when I asked for his new address, which he still hasn't revealed. He knew I was coming that day. Now I'm $100 broker, and he acts like nothing strange happened. I'm a homeless, millenial vet; literally living in my car now, wishing I had $100 to buy essential equipment for the service business I'm starting. If you feel bad for me, don't - I'll overcome and triumph. You might even do business with me this year and be none the wiser. Just remember the $100 Friend Test and be wise about which friends you trust. You might be surprised. Surprised who is untrustworthy, and surprised who you should embrace more.