Careful, a second Trump presidency would be a disaster. It's a dangerous game.


Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson is a powerful force for transformation. She offers more than hope and choice in this election. Her solid policies address the root causes of our critical problems. A woman who can bring change and empowerment to our nation and its citizens by uniting us and going forward together! Hear her once and youโ€™ll see why the media has tried to keep her silenced. Www.marianne2024.


Every policy of Marianne Williamson prioritizes people, the planet, and peace. Our government is supposed to be here to support our interests, and every vote for Marianne would send the message that we want more than maintaining the status quo. We are at risk of having voters, especially young ones, just stay home in November if they continue to be told that everything is going well for our country when their real, lived experience is that it is not!


leave it up to
the "democratic"
party to shove another
'Centrist' down our throats
when Biden says 'No Mas!' on
8/22. the Marianne Williams of this
country absolutely Terrify our Status Quosians

who Bless the Rich and 'hope'
their tinkle-down 'largesse' will
continue to sustain them for Ever

those golden showers
may be nice & warm
but that shit'll still
Freeze in January

plus it Stinks.


I get it, but DJT is so far to the right, I suggest thinking it over carefully. If your goal is to burn it all down, 4 more years of Trump just might accomplish it.


@PSmith55 Please read again. Marianne is NOT 3rd party, she is not a spoiler for Trump. We're trying to get Biden's attention because he needs to offer more in order to defeat Trump.


they'll be Flooding
the Airwaves & innerwebs
with focus-grouped anti-Vote
messages insidiously well-Designed
to Keep the Electorate on their Couches on 11/5

turns out
a couple lousy
Billion goes a L O N G Ways

gotta give 'em
Better than well,
at least I ain't tfg

fuckiing Fly.


quote from Williamson:
โ€œHere are some enlightened visualizations: Imagine the AIDS virus as Darth Vader, and then unzip his suit to allow an angel to emerge.
โ€œSee the cancer cell or AIDS virus in all its wounded horror, and then see a golden light, or angel, or Jesus, enveloping the cell and transforming it from darkness into light.
โ€œA scream responds best to love. That is when it calms down. That is when it stops.โ€


I'm not voting for Biden (or Trump) but there is no way I'm voting for that woman, she is just as insane as Trump (just in a totally different way). Genocide Joe really needs to go. America is in a pathetic death spiral, putting up Biden and Trump again. Biden was only to get Trump out of the White House and the Biden Administration (Department of Justice, etc.) was supposed to ensure Trump couldn't come anywhere near the White House again and then Biden was supposed to step aside and let someone else do the job. But no, here we are and we are FUCKED.


Agreed. The democrats should have looked for an alternative 10 seconds after JB was sworn in.



lies the Rub:

the 'Democratic' Party
is a Private Entity
beholden solely
to Itself and
Not to the

traded away
our Middle Class
for a Seat at the Table

a very Comfortable Seat.


You can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need. Nobody needs Trump. Yes the world is fucked up, but that guy will only make it worse.

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