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Disgruntled worker, or does he/she make sense?


A bit of a bitch fest without offering any solutions other than a "fuck it all" mentality. Ridwell is somewhat of greenwash, but so are parts of our Waste Management program. Plastics are the main hurdle needing to be overcome, but that's going to require changes in regulation from our legislature. The system is in place and it doesn't make sense to disregard the whole thing because it's not perfect. Glass, metal, and paper are all recyclable. The main thing with Ridwell was that they accept batteries, but if you read the recent updates sent from Waste Management, they too are starting to accept batteries (if they are put out according to the guidelines). One thing is for sure, bitching about an imperfect system on IA doesn't make any difference. Not to mention that the IA probably typed this screed out on a cell phone, one of the biggest contributors to e-waste, human exploitation, and energy consumption.


whilst at a 'City Days'
event recently - wishing
for a dry place to eat our
elephant ears or whatever
we chanced upon a covered
space where they were selling
pretty incredible outdoor furniture
made from recycled plastics at quite
high-end prices. comfortable & durable

they left me optimistic
although maybe it
was merely the
sweet Treat.

we seem to
prefer flooding
the planet with our
detrius than determine
whether or not we Should

& all those Poisons we've
dumped - we haven't
a Clue what they'll
do to Life as we
know it. we're
not nearly as
Smart as we
prefer to be-
lieve we are.

& all the Idiots
we choose to 'lead.'


it's detritus


you wrote an article! I wont' read it. But good job.

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