I was promised dragons and there's no dragons till like the sixth book in the series. It's all bullshit. Your time would be better spent re-reading Richard III.
Nice to hear the ol' Umbrage Factory is chugging along smoothly, bad economy or no.
Is this the main thing people were whining about at Stumptown? Pretty weak...
Dragons are totally the next ninjas, zombies, or pirates. I will keep saying this until it is true.

(Although I have not read Game of Thrones to my DEEP embarrassment. How can I be a Nerd if I don't keep up with the reading? Ok, I'm off to multcolib to start the reserving process. Shit, I'm #202 on 26 copies.)
@ROM this was the only thing people were whining to ME about, which, after last year, was totally awesome.
I won't watch it (I am a woman who loves fantasy novels), it will prevent him from finishing the series. Actually the series is really dirty and I don't know how they can put it on tv.
Getting this chick to write about Game of Thrones was like sending a vegan to review a ham factory. Which is fine I guess, it's just that any words beyond "s'not for me" are wasted.

I do like how she seems to think "personal and often impressionistic" is a functional stand-in for "not actually knowing what you happen to be talking about."

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