Food and Drink Dec 28, 2016 at 4:00 am

Where This Pro Eats on Her Own Time and Dime


Re DarSalam Lazurdi: "I ordered the curried cauliflower ($14)."

Fourteen fucking dollars for cauliflower? Are you kidding? This is why I avoid so many restaurants in this town, especially the "small plate" restaurants. There are enough good restaurants that give me enough food so I'm not broke and still hungry when I leave.

If they charge $14, they should give the entire head of cauliflower, if not more.
why do positive reviews keep coming in for Biwa / Noraneko. Biwa served some rank kimchi pork belly that was expired meat and Noraneko offers horrible ramen. Pok Pok "Vietnamese" chicken wings? SMH I don't understand. The Portland food bubble is real. Go to NY or San Jose and the ethnic food is incredible. I guess Porltand hold's its own infusion of asian cuisine to high esteem.

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