RE: “Master of None Is Anything but Niche” [Film, May 10], Jenni Moore’s review of the second season of Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series.

I was so looking forward to season two of Master of None. Sadly, after reading Jenni Moore’s review, I no longer have to wonder what happens, because she revealed every twist and turn.

A good book, movie or TV review may hint at plot twists, but does not reveal details. The fun of watching a series is not knowing what’s going to happen—the sweetness of anticipation.

Jenni Moore was lucky enough to get a preview of season two. Too bad for the rest of us—because of her review, we know what to expect, and that takes a good deal of pleasure out of watching.

Catherine Lyle

I love Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, and hated Jenni Moore’s review of its latest season. Ansari and I are just about the same age; my mother emigrated from Korea in the ’80s. In no way do I condone Moore’s pat and reductive description of Master of None as “a multicultural depiction of the millennial American experience.” Most telling was Moore’s descriptors of Dev’s “impressively diverse” friends in the show: Black lesbian, Asian friend, the super tall and sensitive one, and fellow Indian actor. Guess who the caucasian is? Hint: it’s the only one who Moore doesn’t classify by race.

Clearly this review was written from an impressively white perspective. Please get on that.

Multicultural Millennial

JENNI MOORE RESPONDS! Sorry, I got all excited about all the POC representation and forgot the word “white.” Must have been my half-white privilege.


RE: “Washington Post: President Trump Gave ‘Highly Classified’ Intelligence to Russian Officials” [Blogtown, May 15], Eli Sanders’ post about Trump’s latest dipshit blunder.

When will the Democrats learn that it doesn’t matter what a person does as long as there’s an “R” next to their name? Years of investigations over Clinton’s emails and nothing found. Millions in taxpayer dollars spent in investigating Benghazi—and still nothing found.

Oh, Republicans’ indignation—wrapping themselves in the flag, preaching about liberty and the American way. All over what Clinton didn’t do.

Now that we have an actual incompetent treasonous president, the Republicans are silent. Why? There’s an “R” next to his name.



RE: “One Day at a Time,” Ann Romano’s weekly news roundup, which is printed in 8.5-point font using the typeface Mercury Text G1.

Is it any wonder older folks like me have to purchase gigantic magnifiers just to read the entertaining, thoughtful jabs at celebrities and politicians? Is it possible to enlarge the type a bit? Or would it be easier to impeach Trump? If your type grows smaller, I’ll be forced to journey to a facility with an electron microscope.

SE fuzzy-logic


RE: “One Day at a Time,” Ann Romano’s weekly news roundup, which usually runs on page five, but sometimes on page four.

A couple weeks ago, someone sent a note about One Day at a Time traveling to page four instead of staying where it has been since the beginning of time, on page five. And I would just like to say, MOVE IT BACK!! It fucks with where I put my drink when I’m reading the paper at the bar, or where I put my lunch when I’m eating at the bar, or where I put my bong when I’m reading at home! MOVE IT BACK! MOVE IT BACK! MOVE IT BACK!

Bailey B

I thought we’d all agreed that One Day at a Time belongs on a right-hand page for the best possible reading experience.

Grumpy Old Gossip Aficionado

OKAY, EVERYBODY. Taking into account last week’s letter about our newsprint (“Every time I tear something out it refuses to tear in a straight line. Yes, I could go find the scissors, but I’m too lazy. Fix this”), now seems a great time to direct you to the Mercury’s reader survey—where you can tell us all about how you read the Mercury! Go to portlandmercury.com/survey to speak up and win prizes—and for every completed survey, we’ll make a donation to the ACLU of Oregon or Planned Parenthood. (Complain about that, a-holes.) Oh, and One Day at a Time is on page five this week.

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