RE: “An 11-Story Lifestyle Hotel May Replace One of Portland’s Favorite Food Cart Pods” [Blogtown, Nov 15], Chad Walsh’s story about plans to build a 179-room lifestyle hotel at the corner of Southwest Alder and 10th—the current home of food carts that include Food Koma, the Dump Truck, and Nong’s Khao Man Gai.

Are we supposed to know WTF a “lifestyle hotel” is?


If you don’t know what a lifestyle hotel is, you probably can’t afford to stay in one. (Seriously though... my sentiments exactly. WTF indeed.)



RE: “Uber’s Bitterest City Council Foes Finally Have the Votes for a Crackdown” [News, Nov 15], News Editor Dirk VanderHart’s piece about how city council members Amanda Fritz and Nick Fish, among others, are taking a “harder line” against transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft. The decision is a reaction to Uber’s actions in Portland, which include illegally operating within the city and denying rides to passengers the company suspected of being city regulators. Uber’s actions, Fish noted, have “reflected a corporate culture that had utter disregard for the communities they were involved in.”

Where is the same level of hate for Airbnb? It’s ruining many PDX neighborhoods.


I am all for trying to create an environment in which Uber and Lyft don’t block bike lanes or do other illegal things in the course of their operations. (Dedicated pick-up/drop-off points could help quite a bit.) That said, kicking all ride-sharing companies out of Portland is a great way to increase drunk driving. If Fritz has an idea of how to move people around the city better than ride sharing, I am all ears—but as long as TriMet basically shuts down prior to last call, we will need some sort of point-to-point transportation system.


Fuck the sharing economy. Kick out Uber and Airbnb and the other companies that don’t care about regulations or the safety of their customers and employees. The number of incidents of violence and discrimination involving these two companies is high, and the companies only care about their profit margins and PR. Everyone just LOVES these companies until they’re the rape or robbery victim, discriminated against, or otherwise wronged—at which point they find out they have no recourse, because there are no rules and no regulations.

Christina Rae

We are not losing anything by requiring the ride-share companies to be good citizens. I have refused to take Uber for years based on its terrible ethics. I have zero issue with cabbies and the occasional Lyft driver. If Uber opts out, new companies will opt in. The ride-share industry is booming. Kick ’em out!


WEED 101

RE: “Sativa Science Club: Cannabis Class Is in Session” [Blogtown, Nov 17], Josh Jardine’s post about Sativa Science Club, a business aiming to “certify” cannabis professionals and advocates.

I am not sure which department to send a cannabis-related email to. I love that I am even writing the question! Anyways, loved the article and can’t wait to buy tickets for family members. Thank you all so much for not being the Willamette Week.

Red Rings

MadeinOregon, your common-sense observation—that “We are not losing anything by requiring the ride-share companies to be good citizens”—has earned you the Mercury’s letter of the week, along with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater! Go enjoy a movie! (How you get to the theater is up to you.)


In our print version of “Ibeyi’s Songs Come Full Circle” [Music, Nov 15], we wrote that the cajón is a Cuban instrument. It is originally from Peru. The Mercury regrets the error, and the individual responsible has been executed.