Friends! The Mercury is gonna be making some big changes this fall: We’ll be expanding and redesigning our popular print product, and publishing it on a new, biweekly schedule (that’s 26 times per year). We’re especially excited about our new look, which will feature a heavier cover and stapled binding, while providing more of all the Mercury stuff you love: longer news pieces and features, more reviews, lots of funny stuff, and a bigger-than-ever events calendar.

We get it: It’s a big switch! But that’s kind of the way we roll. We’ve been adapting to the changing media landscape since day one (way back in 2000), and we’re ready to switch things up. According to our research, Mercury readers use our website to connect and find out the latest news on a daily basis, then take our paper home to peruse and make their entertainment plans at a more leisurely pace. So expanding our print product while switching to a biweekly format makes sense for us, and (lucky you) you’ll get a bigger, more robust paper.

And just in case you’re wondering, the answer is “yes”: Our company is still a really fun place to work, we’re profitable, and we continue to grow financially. One of the reasons we’re making this change is to ensure that you’ll have the Mercury around to annoy and delight you for many years to come.

Our main purpose in life is to serve YOU: to provide a website and publication that furnishes the information you need, in the formats that work best for you in today’s world. Online, you’ll get even more breaking news, great content, and the best goddamn event calendar in Portland. And in print, you’ll enjoy a beefier paper with an expanded calendar to help you plan your fun far in advance. Bonus points: It won’t come apart in your hands and blow down the street, a biweekly paper is more environmentally friendly, AND it’s gonna look gorgeous—because you, sweet reader, are worth it.

So, as always, thanks for the support and devotion you give us. We really appreciate you. And look for the new, improved biweekly Mercury this fall. We know you’re gonna love it!

Wm. Steven Humphrey, Editor-in-Chief