'Puberty Blockers' ?
Never heard of those before, but giving them to kids, regardless of whatever gender they believe they should be, sounds wrong on so many levels.
Well, frankieb, it is still common practice for parents/doctors to make ridiculous, radical (often irrevocable) surgical decisions to alter the organs of baby's born intersexed (thus forcing a chosen a gender on the child)- but mention one word about something that puts the power in the hands of the person who would know best about their own gender identity, and all of a sudden we've got you up in arms...

Puberty-blockers would have saved me the humiliation of my chest being attacked by breasts, having to carry around two dangling masts for 20 years, and a surgical amputation procedure to have them removed (on top of sooooo much more that involves a lack of support, deep self-hatred, and an impeded will to live.)

God bless all the parents who support and love their LGBTQQI kids!!! Especially those of you who have kids who identify on the trans-spectrum or outside the standard duality of gender... The world has a lot of opinions- listen to your kids, listen to your hearts. They know who they feel they are meant to be!
And certainly children ain't fickle and prone to change their mind about anything, right?
So dope 'em up.
I edited this post today: Turns out Basic Rights Oregon referenced the ability to get medically-necessary mastectomies, not vasectomies, as I originally reported. Sorry about that.
Again, frankieb, if you'd learn your facts instead of just spewing smug and ignorant comments...
Puberty blockers/inhibitors are not dope- they DELAY/ INHIBIT/ BLOCK hormones, thus the onset of secondary sex characteristics. As such, the effects are REVERSABLE if or when someone was to "change their mind."

I've put a handy little link below where you can find a bunch of fantastic information on the subject. It's been reviewed and a-okay'ed by Dr. Johanna Olson of Childrenโ€™s Hospital Los Angeles.…

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