Norah Horwitz is an artist whose work encompasses illustration, performance, and publication. Her next comic, The Diary of Menorah Horwitz, comes out this summer from Floating World Comics. You can find her work at

Invisible Woman

“My first favorite superhero was my mom—she taught me how to disappear. My mom has a distant look that says she’s fading somewhere else, somewhere deeper than Atlantis. Things aren’t always so fantastic when you’re raising firebrands and choking on someone else’s cigar smoke. There are invisible walls projected by her mind—I know to respect them. And I’m learning to turn invisible to live as a woman. It’s a talent I have for being transparent. I let you see right through me, and act like I don’t see you at all. I’m half here and half hidden, a trick I learned from the smartest woman I know.”

Black Cat

“After I wiped myself all over the floor for him, Spider-Man said he didn’t know what I was talking about. I was branded bad luck and kicked out of the boys club. I don’t care. Spider-Man wasn’t the only one. I’m not telling, so don’t ask. I stole one reputation and now everyone thinks I’m a thief. Girls like me, some have to steal to live and some steal to get caught—but I don’t judge, because I’ve been there too. She might be shoplifting eyeliner, but she’s not trying to heist your man... so cut the cat some slack at checkout.


“I act like I’m green to all this—but who am I kidding? I’m a pro at lying down. But I’m not a professional. I live with professional seductresses. It takes a toll. They lie around the house getting really high and tell me their plans for the future. One was to build a house for us in Reno. It would be a chicken ranch with a chicken farm on the side, because one of the sex workers I live with uses service animals to deal with how the world has treated her. My roommates are business women and they’ve taught me there really isn’t such a thing as a happy hooker.”

Scarlet Witch

“My roommate called me a dumb you-know-what and I realized... I am! I’ve had my head stuck in the clouds for so long that I haven’t realized my mutant powers really are world-changing. I’m dangerous because I wear my fetishes for the world, and yeah, I really do need gloves that go up to there. I’m not wrong for always looking somewhere distant; it keeps my chaotic magic from creating collateral damage. But people don’t have a clue. I’m just the ‘cherry red one.’ Wait until you meet the rest of the coven.”

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