Not much to report at the recent Migos concert at Wonder Ballroom: The sound was great, the lighting was pedestrian, and Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff performed with immense swagger and confidence.

As only an intermediate fan of the Gwinnett County trio, it was edifying to see them perform live to get a better understanding of each of their respective roles in the group. Quavo is the de facto leader, possibly because he's the tallest and skinniest, but probably because he sings most of the perfectly Auto-Tuned hooks. Offset assumes the role of the suave and relatively understated member of what is otherwise a very overstated crew. Takeoff rounds the group out with his deep and distinctly gravelly baritone flow.

It was a tight, drama-free performance of their relentless torrent of hits before a young and energized Portland crowd, who repeatedly made the Wonder Ballroom's floor feel like its big brother ballroom across the river. In fact, Quavo & Co. may have got the crowd too worked up too soon: After an hour of back-to-back smashes, when the Young Rich N*ggas left the stage for a break before a presumed encore, the crowd seemed completely exhausted and almost relieved, unable to muster up the energy and noise to incite the performers to return to stage. After 15 minutes of awkward simmering, the house lights went up, leaving both "Versace" and "Look at my Dab" unperformed. I had to settle for playing both songs on my drive home instead.

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