This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow night is your semi-regular opportunities to meet your Blogtown friends, neighbors, and nemeses. We're convening at the Old Gold (2105 N Killingsworth) at 5:30 pm; all Blogtown commenters/readers/hangers-on are welcome to join us.

I haven't been to the Old Gold yet and I'm super excited to check it out. For years I've been operating on the assumption that former Mercury Music Editor Ezra Caraeff's wheelhouse was limited to pugs and Morrissey puns, which is why I'm a little flabbergasted by just how good his bar's cocktail menu looks. A couple things caught my eye:

THE ANGIE $7 Bulleit Rye, fresh grated ginger, ginger beer, served on the rocks
(Rye! Because bourbon/ginger drinks are always too sweet!)

EL DIABLO $7 Cazadores Reposado Tequilla, crème de casis, Brew Dr. Lemon Ginger Cayenne Kombucha, fresh lime juice, a bit more cayenne, served tall
(If every cocktail had kombucha in it, I would drink every cocktail.)

OR alternately, we could play the "let's order the most obscure drink we can think of and watch Ezra try to make it" game. That game sounds funny.

Anyway, these meetups are pretty good fun. They're kind of like this.

See you there!