WHILE GLOWING WRITE-UPS from major news outlets about our food, fashion, and doughnuts just keep on coming, they consistently miss one crucial point—none of this awesomeness would be here without YOU: Portland's people. Our city attracts creatives like serial killers attract teen campers, which means OF COURSE we're going to have the most amazing and fun food carts, dance nights, liquor stores, and porn shops.

So if that's the case, who better to choose what's hot and what's snot in Portland than the people who live here and make it happen? That's why the Portland Mercury is proud to present PDX Approved: The Readers' Choice Guide to Everything Awesome in Portland. We recently surveyed our readers, and asked them to pick their absolute favorites in a variety of categories: nightlife, restaurants, retail, naughty stuff, outdoor shenanigans, and tons more. Then, using the most scientifically technological computery-things known to humankind, we compiled all your votes into the easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate PDX Approved Guide you're holding right now in your baby-soft hands that smell sooooo good.

This all-inclusive guide—which features your favorite local EVERYTHING—is also a tribute to YOU... your good taste, your spark, and your creativity that makes Portland the envy of every kingdom in the land. So when you see a gold PDX Approved sticker proudly displayed in the window of your local shoe store, noodle house, saloon, strip club, or nail salon, go ahead and walk right in with confidence. These are your people. You chose them. They're PDX approved.

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