Adventures in Newspapering
In which our editor-in-chief fails to justify slandering the good name of Adam Driver.

A murdered trans teen’s community fights for her legacy. PG. 7

Get ready for pages of stomach-churning, treacly, and horny lovenotes—it’s the Mercury Readers’ Valentines!

ALSO: Meet the romantically fatigued winners of our “Online Dating War Stories” contest!

Things to Do
Sexy storytelling, the Portland Black Film Festival, and... a drag queen benefit for Planned Parenthood? OUTTA MY WAY.

Prepare to fall in love with Sudan Archives’ African-infused electro-fiddling.

Arts & Performance
The NW Black Comedy Festival is here and we’ve got alllll the picks!

Food & Drink
A roundup of vegan burgers for those who want the taste of simulated blood in their mouths.

Movies & TV
Locke & Key: Wait... they canceled Tuca and Bertie but magically found enough money for a watered-down Stranger Things? Thanks a shit-ton, Netflix.

Savage Love
Boyfriend wants to be “the girl”; girlfriend wants to be “the boy.”

Part two of Josh’s adventures as a Cannabis Cup judge, and... wait. Are they trying to poison him?

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