this man saved my life

The only way I've found to deal with the malaise that comes from it being unbearable outside is to curl up with something addictive inside. Yes, obsession cures all, even other obsessions (I've checked), and there's nothing safer to get addicted to then serialized drama. TV on DVD is basically my go-to anti-depressant. That single pair of footsteps in the sand? It's not Jesus, kids, it's Chuck Bass carrying you when you can't carry yourself. 24, Alias, The West Wing, Six Feet Under, Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, Gossip Girl- they've all been good friends to me in times of need.

I'd feared that I was running out of obvious go-to shows, but thankfully a new obsession fell in my lap right when I needed it: those freaking Twilight books. They are horribly written and overwritten at that, and are basically incredibly stupid. But somehow the love story between little Bella Swan and her 200 year old vampire lover has got me staying up all night to see What Happens Next and is happily taking my mind off other, more (de)pressing matters. Success!

Anyway, the kids next door probably have the whole series, so trade them for a candy bar and get cracking. Your life will in no way be enriched. But you'll be obsessed with this saga of teenage lovers for a hot second, and who wouldn't want that.