What is this "investment income" they speak of?
The facial expressions are what make it. If i was a single parent making $260,000 a year you would have to pry the smile off my face with a crow bar.
actually the article was highlighting how those that make over a certain threshold would be impacted by the new tax laws, nowhere does it make the statement that it is typical or a median income of anyone.
The illustrations are comedy gold. They all look so angry and sad about being so rich.

Also love the inclusion of the retired couple info. "Increase: none." Soooo... why the hell are they looking so despondent and defeated? Obviously not because of any tax increase. Is it because their grandkids don't call them enough? Erectile dysfunction? Those damn neighbor kids on their damn lawn?
@ #3, no it doesn't, but it doesn't say very much about how the new tax laws affect the rest of us. Why is that? Why are we persona non grata, and they behave as if the 1%-ers are the only people that matter? That's the whole point of the post.
@3, the article starts out making the point that "millions of people soon will feel something less than relief from the new law" and "many other families, affluent and poor, will pay more as well." Then we get an illustration of really sad, pathetic looking people with huge incomes, and no further details about how poor families will allegedly be paying more. The only thing left to conclude is that the author thinks people who get only $250,000 are the "poor" referred to at the beginning.
The article is in the WSJ, it makes no mention of the graphic representing mean, median, or typical income for americans, and honestly they may not be that far off typical for their subscriber base. Poor reporting by the merc on this one.
Judging by the facial expressions, having a high income makes you constipated.
Obviously, they're talking about Manhattan standards:…

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