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Here are two things I know about you: 1) You have smart opinions. 2) You like eaaaaasy money. That's why you're the perfect person to take the Mercury Reader Survey! Look, we want to do a good job for you. We think we know what you like, but we want to be sure, y'know? That's why taking the Mercury Reader Survey, and letting us know what you do and don't appreciate about Portland's sweetest l'il newspaper is really important to us—because we take our job seriously and we really want to be better... FOR YOU!

The survey's not that long, it'll only take about 15 minutes, and if you complete it, you'll be in the running for a cash prize of $250! Does your current job pay you $250 every 15 minutes? NO IT DOES NOT! (But if it does... are you guys hiring?)

WE WANT YOUR SINCERE OPINIONS! So if you support local journalism (and funny stuff) please take a few minutes to fill out the Mercury Reader Survey here. It'll make us better, and you (possibly) richer! Thank you, YOU'RE COOL!