Temptation Island should indicate to most of us that America has finally hit an all time low. We're all a bunch of insane freaks that can think of nothing better to do than watch other freaks live their insane and freakish lives. So enjoy these freakish documentaries documenting the freakish lives of other freaks, you freak.

Trekkies (1997)--What drives those Star Trek losers to constantly reenact scenes from episode 12, or buy $1600 worth of Spock action figures? Examine the Trekkie culture from the inside, go to the conventions, talk to the stars, and meet up with the juror that wore her Commander's uniform to the Whitewater trial. Aside from yuking it up over crazy fan stories, you'll encounter the incredibly positive force that is Star Trek. You might even start watching the show--I did.

Beyond the Mat (1999)--This flick does a superb job of showing you the real lives of wrestlers Terry Funk, Jake the Snake Roberts, and Mankind. You see people that put their heart and soul into a stinking wrestling career and while they may get paid a shitload, they also make huge sacrifices in order to keep doing it. It's a rare look behind the WWF iron curtain that invokes both fascination and disgust with pro wrestling, not to mention a good hard cry.

Hands on a Hard Body (1998)--The deal is that this Nissan dealership in Texas has a yearly contest where a bunch of rednecks compete to win a hardbody truck by being the last person still standing with their hand on the vehicle. It's an allegory about the capitalist lifestyle and about life in general. Is it really worth losing your mind and destroying your body for three days just to win some crappy pickup truck? Is it worth spending 30 years behind a desk getting mentally and physically fat just so you can afford some crappy mansion and an SUV? Pay special attention to the guy I like to call "Snickers" and to the beardy who won it two years ago, who has developed an entire Zen philosophy about how to win the damn truck.