Poor, poor Gray Baldwin. She's an impossibly cute thirty-something New Yorker—played by the adorable Heather Graham—who lives with her charming brother in a fantastic loft, works with the hilarious Carrie (Molly Shannon) at an ad agency, and has a sweet Scottish cabbie/aspiring actor (Alan Cumming) who's totally in love with her. Her life is so hard, she tells her therapist (Sissy Spacek) week after week, because she's a totally hot chick who just isn't up for dating. She'd really rather hang out with her awesome brother.

Too bad her brother meets a sexy zoologist in Central Park (Bridget Moynahan, playing a gal named Charlie), proposes on their first date (of course), and drags his sister to Vegas the next weekend to witness the wedding. Even worse, poor Gray gets Charlie drunk the night before the wedding, and the two briefly make out. Poof! Gray realizes she's gay. And in love with Charlie. But the girl marries her brother anyway (and doesn't even remember the kiss). Because Gray's life totally sucks, you know?

But never fear: Everyone Gray comes out to is supportive, happy for her, and (rightly so) doesn't think it's a big deal—except Gray, who spends the latter half of the movie having a mental breakdown over being gay (she goes on a few dates with guys one night, and bawls to her brother about the sorry state of gay rights the next). While the film scores big points for avoiding lesbian stereotypes and clichés (well, except for the falling-for-a-straight-girl thing), it flubs the romantic part of the romantic comedy. Sadly, Gray Matters could have been a cute date movie—lesbians could use a date movie—if Gray spent more time embracing her new life as well as her friends do, and less time moping over her straight sister-in-law.