The artists behind the traveling Beautiful Losers exhibition of street art and culture—which comes to Portland this week—are profiled in this documentary. All of these artists have come a long way since the early '90s, when, as a bunch of rich, bored kids, they congregated at a gallery on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Nowadays, Shepard Fairey, Ed Templeton, and the like are more likely to be paid millions to make Pepsi commercials than design skateboards.

Sadly, Beautiful Losers makes it clear why most of these guys have made their careers making art and not explaining themselves. For example, take this direct quote: "We were about to go out to dinner, and... ah... Style Wars was on TV, which is super ultra mind blowing, and I mean I wasn't doing graffiti or anything, but just the power of it and the colors, and like, it was like 15 minutes, and I just soaked in this other thing."

Add in more various attempts to be meaningful without being articulate, and you'll understand why skipping the documentary and just checking out the exhibition is a better use of your time.