Bedtime Stories is terrible. The promotional screening I attended was full of adults wearing footie pajamas; apparently, this was condoned and encouraged by the studio that made this movie. So I kind of hated it before it started, and then it started, and then I hated it more.

Adam Sandler plays a washed-up fix-it man who tells his niece and nephew stories at night. When his stories start to magically come true, he uses them to try to better his position in life, and it works; everyone lives happily ever after. Except maybe the audience, who just had to sit through 97 minutes of cheap jokes and good actors playing dumb.

There's lots to bug in this movie—a farting, bug-eyed guinea pig, Rob Schneider's racist, prosthetic-nosed Indian, Keri Russell being given nothing to do but nag and look pretty—but the worst part is that Adam Sandler, who can be great in stuff like Punch Drunk Love, well, grates. This film is full of silly Adam Sandler with none of the emo Adam Sandler that makes him bearable and loveable. Here he's just a wild and crazy guy, hamming it up for the kiddies. I think we can do better by the youth of today.