Movies & TV Sep 10, 2009 at 4:00 am

Portland Film Geek Unearths Grindhouse Goldmine


Considering Hong Kong is one of those places that has taken piss-poor care of their film history, so much so that some films a decade old don't have quality materials to restore from, and some films from as late as the 80s are practically lost, its quite possible that this could unearth some real discoveries.

As for Invincible Pole Fighter, perhaps a wee bit overrated as far as the "best kung-fu film" goes, but still a top-tier entry in the genre.
Oh... and those with dendropophobia are advised to stay away
Since these are so rare, is there any word on the prints being scanned in high def for preservation purposes? I wonder what kind of rights nightmare it would be to get these forgotten gems released on blu ray.
Marq: Good question. AGFA is looking into all the preservation options, although they're still working through a few legalities and quoteunquote getting all their ducks in a row, before they go live with a website. So we'll know more in a few months.
Marq, I think the issue of Blu-Ray is secondary. There's a whole world of 35mm out there right now. It won't last forever, true but you can watch it right now if you're in the right place. Blu-Ray, or any digital medium, is like a photo of a painting in a book. Watching a film - on FILM - is like seeing the painting up close and being able to see the brush strokes and relief.
Yes, to hell with blu-ray and all large, uncompressed image formats. Let's just shrink all films down to fucking postage-stamp size, and reduce all still images to fucking jpegs, we can move back to mono 8-track for music, Colecovisions for all video games, mail by horse, and maybe then you and shitty standard def tube tv won't have anything to be jealous of. By the way, your fucking link is broken.

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