I'm participating in a Q & A session tomorrow night after the Portland premiere screening of 9500 LIBERTY, a documentary about the birth and death of a radical immigration law in Prince William County, Virginia. Here's the capsule review:

A community sparks a national debate when it allows police officers to arrest anyone they think might be an illegal immigrant. Arizona in 2010? Nope, it's Prince William County, Virginia, in the months leading up to the 2008 election. Directors Eric Byler and Annabel Park document the polarization of the county, and the hapless legislators who are swept along for the ride. The film (originally a YouTube serial) can be slow and wonky at times, but its cameras are on at all the right moments. The heroes from start to finish are the immigrants, whose message is clear: leading the nation in racial anxiety can have dire economic and social consequences. Co-director Byler [AND ME!!!!] in attendance on Fri, July 16.

And a trailer:

I'll be mumbling and pretending to know things talking with Byler about immigration issues, including my article on Secure Communities, after the 7 pm screening at Cinema 21.