You, sir, are a LUCAS APOLOGIST.
Instead of getting mad about things getting remade in 3D, I've decided to get mad that other things are not getting remade in Cinerama.

And on that count, I am absolutely furious.
Very excited to watch the legislative process of the Republic in 3D.

I'm not apologizing for Lucas, because I'm not insane. I'm just saying there are way, way worse Star Wars-y things to have nerd rage about.
Hopefully the The Star Wars Holiday Special is redone. The one with all the wookies and shit.
I'm just so sick of re-purposed Star Wars crap. The more he fucks with it the less magical it becomes.

And as someone who saw Star Wars as a child in the theater I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY HE IS SHITTING ON MY CHILDHOOD. Because I am old.

Excuse me, I have to go put my teeth back in now.
I just don't have the energy to excited or frustrated by Star Wars anymore. I just... I think we should take a break.
@Marq: Yeah, that works for me.
@kiala unless he's magically editing those VHS/DVDs you have and forcing you to watch the new version, then he isn't doing jack to your childhood. The originals still exist, and they still can be watched.

New editions do not possess the power to posthumously change anything.

The cringe-inducing whiners still complaining about Lucas shitting on their childhood fail miserably to see all aspects of the bigger picture, not least of which is WATTO IN TROIS D!
Unless they shot it in 3D, it's doomed to look shitty. This year is pretty much truth to the lie that is Post-Conversion. running these films through the phantom tollbooth until they get properly 3D-ified isn't going to work. It's gonna look like a moving pop-up book. A dim, dingy pop-up book.

Plus, there's no guarantee we're even going to get to Star Wars and Empire - the story states that further conversions are contingent on enough people paying to see The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones again. This is a VERY iffy proposition. Time has not been kind to those two.

But yeah, the nerdrage is overstated and artificial-sounding, honestly. Reflexive posturing more than anything. I don't think even the nerds give that much of a shit. It's just ingrained habit at this point. Like catholics genuflecting and making the sign of the cross when they enter a church.

It's not like there aren't 30,000 existing copies of this thing clogging goodwills everywhere. VHS, Laserdisc, Special Edition VHS, Special Edition Laserdisc, DVDs, 8mm filmstrips, viewmaster, etc. etc. etc.
Patton Oswalt said it best:
Guys? I AM RIGHT HERE. I just said I give a shit which generally means I give a shit.

So we don't agree on whether or not this is a good idea. Fine. But my opinion is still valid. We can argue about whether the idea to fuck with the franchise some more is a good or bad idea but I do not appreciate being told I'm not allowed to have feelings on the subject. I never said you guys couldn't be happy, sad, or meh about it, did I?
@Fatboy WORD. Have you seen those dudes strumming guitars singing, "George Lucas raped my childhood" over and over? They might as well just be singing, "look at me look at me look at me look at me."

@kiala you can still feel what you're feeling (and I can still feel totally ambivalent about the update, thank you). But what I'm saying is that I'm pretty sure this aspect of your childhood is still intact. You enjoyed the movies at the time. Nothing can change that now!!! Your viewing experiences from the past cannot be re-experienced. They are done.

I personally don't give a hoot who effs with what part of the franchise. I still have the originals! They aren't going anywhere.

And I also have season 2 of Clone Wars coming out on dvd Oct. 26! I like that series.
No matter how good the computer programs used are, no film shot in 2D will ever look convincing in 3D. What Lucas should do is remake the Star Wars movies in 3D, but instead of using the current style of 3D, he should remake them as 1950's 3D movies like It Came From Outer Space or Cat-Women of the Moon, only using technology available back then.

But he won't do this, because the result would be sooooo much better than any of the original Star Wars films.
I hate you George Lucas, you son of a bitch.
I would find it really difficult to care any less about anything George Lucas did ever again. SINCE pretty much all of it involves choking the same ol' dead Star Wars chicken.
I'm going to hold out for the animated shot-for-shot remakes of the six films on imax 3d. Yeah, that'll give George Lucas the boner he's looking for.
"Rape my childhood" nerds: if someone calls your rage merely reflexive, consider it a very generous plea-bargain and TAKE IT.
This thread proves we all give a shit, one way or another.

I, for one, am excited to see 'A New Hope' in quality 3D. That opening should look awesome. And this 3D makeover ain't gonna be no hackjob, this is Lucasworks we're talking about.
I'm with Jacob: I, too, would prefer 3D CG Animated remakes of all six. Preferably with heavy rewrites to make the whole thing a LOT more coherent, streamlined, and propulsive.

But a 3D, CG Animated (probably anime styled, while I'm at it - think Star Wars as designed by Otomo) Star Wars saga, reworked from the ground up? THAT I would check out.
Why is it you dorks cannot do your Star Wars thing without bickering?. You do know they are just movies, right? . I loved Monty Python, but if someone did a remake of it that I thought was wack, I would'nt go see it and move on. Fait Accompli. @ Fatboy Roberts-full marks for the Catholic analogy, funny but sadly true. Look, if these movies were a rich part of anyone's childhood (makes me wonder about your childhood,but anyway) you had that dream and fantasy then and you always will no matter what remakes. Did dating someone else ruin your first love? As for the emo dorks playing the guitars-child please. You need to actually mature and be an adult to consider it "childhood". Just think 20 years from there might be a generation for whom the "twilight " films was their childhood(dear God), and you're complaining?
And no, the Blazers are not going to have Star Wars jersey night
And no, I don't want to see your lightsaber
May the dork be with you, and hopefully none of you come to blows over this

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