The Filmusik ensemble have always had talented musicians performing the live score for their presentations, and for their current production of Planet of Dinosaurs, they've enlisted the jazz/not-really-jazz ensemble Blue Cranes to create the music as the film plays overhead. Planet of Dinosaurs is a 1978 sci-fi schlockfest with a incredibly low productions; its hilarious stop-motion special effects actually won a Saturn Award for "Best Film Produced for Under $1,000,000." A crew of space travelers crash-lands on a distant planet populated by nothing but dinosaurs and terrible acting, the former of which will be on full display and the latter of which will be replaced with live dubbing and foley from the Filmusik crew.

As far as I know, Filmusik are doing something quite unique right here in Portland: providing live actors and music for old, campy films that quite frankly could do with the improvement. And with the enlistment of Blue Cranes, this current show seems particularly special, not to mention that next week they'll even be doing a special Spanish-language version of the movie, with the talent of actor Enrique Andrade (you might know him as the Spanish voice of the MAX).

Filmusik: Planet of Dinosaurs plays at the Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy, tonight at 8 pm & Friday June 24 at 8 pm. Special Spanish language performance on Thursday June 23 at 8 pm. $10. Tickets available here, here, and at 281-4215.