I maintain the last great Pixar release was The Incredibles. I actively loved every movie up to and including that one. The rest were major mehs. Couldn't get through Ratatouille/UP/Toy Story III. (Dull/Dull/Depressing)
WallE and Cars were decent, I felt their plots were weak/flawed and relied on cuteness/silliness.

Animation for animation's sake doesn't cut it for me. This preview looks technically like a step backwards? (grass and face textures look "simple")
I'm a pretty big Pixar fan and, unlike the previous commenter really enjoy Ratatouille, UP, Toy Story 3 (childhood memories) and especially WallE. Let's be honest though. Out of a large group of great films, Cars was pretty weak once you're not five anymore. Can we truly expect that the sequel was going to be any good?
Mr. Henriksen, you're a moron.
im gobsmacked that cars and cars2 is considered pixars worst movies, I absolutely love the both of them, they had heart, imagination, and a nice little message. I don't understand why no one could possilbly not like them!

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