Jackpot Records' annual Music & Film Festival enters its eighth year this year, and they've announced which films they'll be screening at the weeklong fest, which takes place this year at the Bagdad Theater (3702 SE Hawthorne, just a stone's throw from Jackpot's Hawthorne store) on September 26-30.

As in previous years, the films screen for free! Here's the lineup:

Mon Sept 26: The Agony and Ecstasy of Phil Spector—this is a truly creepy look at a truly creepy genius. Did you know that in the '70s a drug-addled Phil Spector would just film himself for no discernable reason? Some of that footage is in here.
Tues Sept 27: Deconstructing Dad—Stan Warnow's film about his father Raymond Scott, the musician and inventor responsible for the Looney Tunes music you grew up with.
Wed Sept 28: Psych Night—a Jackpot Film Fest tradition, digging deep into their troves of old footage from the '60s and '70s. There will be some period classics, some ultra-rare obscurities, some tripped-out nonsense, and some really, really good rock 'n' roll.
Thurs Sept 29: Upside Down: The Creation Records Story—A doc on the seminal UK label, which took its name from the great English band the Creation and put out records from the Jesus and Mary Chain to Oasis, and was famously nearly sent to bankruptcy by My Bloody Valentine's Loveless.
Fri Sept 30: Color Me Obsessed: A Film About the Replacements—A film about Replacements fandom, told from the perspective of longtime fans, friends of the band, and other musicians from the era.

End Hits: Color us obsessed.