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So this is happening: the BBC has brought in director David Yates (best known for churning out the final four Harry Potter films) to develop, possibly from scratch, a Doctor Who movie for the big screen.

As a textbook change-is-bad-style geek, my initial reaction to this news looked a lot like this:

But now that I've had some time to consider the possibilities, I am going to try to remain cautiously optimistic. After all, things could be much, much worse:

1. The BBC could have hired a different Harry Potter director. Think of all the family-friendly hijinks the Doctor could get into with Sorcerer's Philosopher's Stone / Chamber of Secrets director Chris Columbus at the helm! Remember Home Alone? How about Christmas with the Kranks? Maybe New Who could be a Christmas movie! EVIL SANTA ROBOTS, CYBERMEN WITH REINDEER ANTLERS, DALEKS LEARNING THE POWER OF LOVE. Ray Romano stars! Blockbuster, instant holiday classic.

2. Or it could be a musical. (Well, this pretty much already happened, but now that he's procreated with his TV daughter-clone-TV predecessor's daughter, David Tennant is basically dead to me, so it doesn't count.)

3. Or they could bring back Billie Piper, who is seriously the worst.

So... I don't know. Allons-y, right? Could be worse? Let's give him a chance?

I'm going to go scream into a pillow now.