Im so sleepy but these horse steroids wont let me sleep :(
  • I'm so sleepy but these horse steroids won't let me sleep :(

Well, more of a teaser, really, right here, simply confirming that yes, there are a lot of geriatric action stars in this movie. As well as some people you've still never heard of! And that one beefcake who they cast as Gale in The Hunger Games.

Also: Between this and the G.I. Joe 2 trailer, I'm starting to wonder if Bruce Willis is even in movies anymore or if he just shows up in trailers for sequels to give people hope that this time around, things won't be quite as shitty as they were the first time.

Also again: Pfft. Sly, you're telling me you couldn't get Steven Seagal for this? PFFFTTTTT. Like he's busy.